Create an Engaging Literacy Program You and Your Students will Love

All Year Long

Without the stress of planning, feeling disorganized or overwhelmed.

If you’re a Canadian teacher, teaching students in grades 4-6, and looking to have a comprehensive literacy program that uses inquiry, differentiation, and choice for your students while not spending the hours and hours of planning to do it yourself than you already know that you need a solution that works.  

We all know that teaching language arts is a complex task.  We feel like we are constantly pulling resources from here and there but feel like nothing really fits.  We know that students need more than workbooks or photocopied work packages.  They want dynamic, relevant materials that help them to make meaning from every experience.  Today's students need choice, and instruction must meet the needs of the individual students through simple and manageable differentiated tasks.  



A Great Literacy Program Includes

  • Research Based Instruction

    Unpack it. So what? Why does that matter? What does it look like? Through research we are better able to understand how students learn.  Research shows us most of what we learn and remember comes to us in a visual format.  We also know that students learn best when the information presented to them is challenging and connected to prior knowledge.  This means that using scaffolding strategies and graphic organizers in the classroom, frequent opportunities to get feedback on progress, and the use of higher order thinking skills are all essential components within a literacy program. 
  • An Effective Literacy Program is Differentiated

    Students in a differentiated classroom get what they need, instead of everyone doing the same thing at the same time.  Instruction is concept based.  It places an emphasis on making sense of information instead of simply regurgitating memorized facts.  It respects that learning happens over time.  Literacy programs based on differentiation involve students participating in flexible groupings where they get to work with their teacher on targeted instruction that is informed through ongoing assessment.  Finally, true differentiation allows students to take an active role in their own learning by providing them with choice and the ability to set and achieve their own learning goals. 
  • It Uses a Gradual Release of Responsibility Model

    Learning is a process.  Students need time and space to be able to master a concept.  The gradual release of responsibility model is an essential component of an effective literacy program.  Through this teachers model the process of learning first, then as the students become more competent they release the responsibility of learning to students.  This will help students to gain true independence as they are learning concepts at a deeper level over time.  
  • Learning is Collaborative

    We don't learn alone. An effective literacy program must establish a community of learners.  Creating opportunities for meaningful interactions within the classroom is essential.  Using accountable talk, collaborative learning models, and student groupings are all strategies that should be included within the language arts classroom. Talking with others about what is being learned helps to solidify and clarify knowledge.  The focus on developing strong oral language skills positively impacts all aspects of learning in the classroom. 
  • Learning Must be Transferable and Enduring

    If it is not meaningful, it is not learned.  Establishing strong literacy skills are an important life skill.  Students within grades 4-6 have even more demands in using their literacy skills across all contexts.  They are required to read, understand, analyze, and interpret what they have read beyond what they have experienced before.  This shift in learning requires teachers to support students in literacy by providing scaffolded opportunities to practice these skills in authentic ways.  Linking the learning in the language arts classroom in practical and authentic ways to real-life events and other learned subjects helps to support this goal. 

Even though the reasons to use a comprehensive literacy program in your classroom are obvious, the path to doing it successfully is anything but.

How to Plan a Successful Language Arts Program

That supports your students in becoming competent readers and writers.


Planning a language arts program for your classroom starts with looking at the standards that you are required to teach.  There are so many to cover, it is difficult to decide where to begin or how to fit it all together. 

So, you begin with one thing at a time.  You plan unit after unit in no specific order.  Your lessons and plans are disconnected, and you begin to doubt that what you are teaching actually makes sense. 

As a teacher, you question if your students are actually learning or just going through the motions.  Their moans, groans, and lacklustre enthusiasm for reading and writing is discouraging.  You know you have a language program that covers the expectations, but it feels disconnected and piecemeal.   


By focusing on the details, we lose sight of the big picture.  It is hard to build a complete language arts program when we simply see the parts instead of the machine.

Your literacy program can integrate the learning from listening, speaking, reading, writing, and media in an easy to follow and structured way.  It can also be researched based, differentiated, comprehensive, use the gradual release of responsibility model, and be highly engaging and fun for both you and your students. 


You can implement an exhaustive  language arts program that supports all of these components to deliver a comprehensive research-based approach to language arts. 

You want something that feels like a complete solution that connects the various literacy ideas while also covering your curriculum standards.  Without the time and commitment to spend all of your free time planning, researching, writing, and organizing it yourself.

This is possible and totally worth it when you see the engagement on the faces of your students when it is time for language arts.  

The 3 Mindset Shifts You Need to Make Right Now to Build an Amazing Language Arts Program

Mind Shift #1

You Don't Need Units

Teaching language arts in units expects that students should master a certain complex skill in 4-6 weeks.
We've all felt the frustration at the end of a unit when students don't get it.  This is because they need more time and practice to master this skill. It's not that they can't it is more about them being ready. 
This is why a spiralled approach to teaching language arts is better than units.  It gives your students the time they need to 'get it'. 

Mind Shift #2

Give Them Choice

In today's classrooms, students need choice.  Choice is also a big factor in keeping students engaged.  It is also a key component in ensuring your language arts program is differentiated. 
Reading and writing is so personal.  Giving students the choice of what they want to read and write about gives them ownership.  An engaged learner has ownership over his/her own learning.  So if they want to write about superheroes, princesses, or dogs the choice really should be theirs. 

Mind Shift #3

Frequent Feedback is Vital to Success

For students to do well, they need to know and be told they are doing well.  When students have goals to work towards and personalized feedback telling them how they did, then they are more likely to work harder and make more gains.  
Everyone likes to be told they are doing a good job and given meaningful timely feedback.  Our students still need their teachers, not as the sage on the stage, but a guide on their side. 
Supporting students with meaningful feedback will guide them to quickly meet and achieve their goals as they work towards mastering a variety of language arts skills. 

Shh...I'm going to let you in on a little secret

You can have a comprehensive literacy program that meets the needs of your students while using the best research based pedagogies that offer choice and timely feedback.  A program that integrates listening, speaking, reading, and writing into one clear well balance program without disconnected units. 

Extremely impressed with this resource. I have used it a number of times in my split 4/5 class. The resources and activities are enjoyable and engaging for the students. There are a number of different activities that can be used in a number of ways. I really enjoy how there are weekly read alouds that are connected to different activities. Recently used the 'Bump It Up' resource and activities and it was great to see the students engaged in the stories and picking apart what makes one story better than another. My students have also really enjoy the guided reading texts. I have had a number of students ask for copies so they could read them again at home. That is a win in my books! THANK YOU!

Breanne, TEACHER


"Love this resource. My students get excited for the next book each week and love getting their new work booklets. The fact that we are constantly going back to refresh our memory on learned skills has really helped the students grasp many literacy ideas. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this very elaborate resource. I will be using this for years."

Kathryn, TEACHER



Ignited Literacy

The complete, full year language arts solution you need for your classroom.

Over the last 12 years as a classroom teacher, I wanted a literacy program that met the needs of my students yet at the same time provided high yield strategies that were differentiated and research based.  

I needed something that worked for the variety of students in my classroom and fit with my style of teaching, using inquiry based teaching pedagogies, to engage even the most reluctant and neediest of my students (which I had plenty of both).

Ignited Literacy is a spiralled approach to teaching language arts in the classroom. It guides you through the gradual release of responsibility model and structures your language arts program in a systemic way. It hits a variety of expectations each week and revisits them throughout the year.  

Because choice is a key component to this program for students, their engagement in language arts is unmatched.  In my 12 years of teaching, no other program has produced better results and more engaged learners than this format.  

There isn't a magic formula here, it is just based on effective instructional practices and experience of knowing how kids tick.  

But the key lies in how this program simplifies and structures your language arts program.  It starts by looking at the themes and big ideas, and connects the ideas across learning strands (listening, speaking, reading, writing, and media) and delivers it all together in a way that makes sense.  

I hated when my language lessons felt choppy and disorganized. It always felt like I was simply making it up as I was going along.  That there was a disconnect between reading and writing.  In essence these two strands are strongly connected and need to be taught in conjunction with one another.                Ignited Literacy solved this problem.  

IGNITED LITERACY is the ONLY program of its kind that…

1. The instructional strategies used are research based and grade level appropriate. 
2. Teaching and Learning is differentiated and responsive to student need and readiness.  No more one size fits all lesson (or teaching 4+ different lessons at once). There is one lesson and multiple entry points. 
3. Gradual Release of Responsibility Model is embedded in all teaching and learning tasks. 
4. Learning is collaborative.  Students and teachers participate in frequent feedback conferences, guided reading sessions, small group and whole group discussions. 
5. Learning is transferrable.  Language arts is full of interconnected ideas.  Ignited Literacy harnesses this belief and delivers lessons that connect to a central theme with all supporting documents in a meaningful way. 

So if you’re ready to finally get started with a comprehensive literacy program that meets your high expectations while avoiding the stress, overwhelm and planning.

Here's how we'll help you get there:

Picture Book Read Aloud Guides

Each weeks' lessons are inspired by a picture book.  These mentor texts model a variety of text forms and strong writing skills.  To prompt meaningful connections a guide to each read aloud is included to assist in modelling with the reading strategies.  


Using high quality picture books will help you to model for your students what good readers do.  It will allow you to facilitate higher order thinking skills through think alouds and discussion prompts.

  • Think Pair Share
  • Modelled Reading Comprehension strategies
  • Analysis of Form and Style

Teacher-Directed Lessons

Each week, you will be guided through teacher-directed lessons and student activities.  These detailed lessons will give you engaging lessons and activities to teach a wide variety of topics. 


  • Reading and Writing activities that scaffold learning for students. 
  • Shared Reading Text to model key reading skills and strategies. 
  • Model mentor text paragraphs to teach spelling and grammar concepts. 

Guided Reading

Working in small groups with your students each week will allow you to get to know your students' strengths and weaknesses.  Using flexible groupings, you can meet the specific needs of students along with where they are through small group guided reading instructions. 

Module Highlights:

Each week there are guided reading lesson plans that are linked with the weekly read alouds.  These are leveled guided reading texts that teachers can use with their students. 

  • Leveled Guided Reading Text
  • Guided Reading Lesson
  • Guided Reading Assessment Tracker

Student Independent Work Centres

Students will work on 4 independent work centres each week.  These activities will allow a high degree of student voice and choice, and support differentiated learning in the classroom.  The centres are highly engaging as students choose topics that are personally relevant to them to write about.  

Module Highlights:

The student independent work centres use differentiated choice boards, and integrate and connect information within the centres to the weekly teacher-directed lesson plans.  

  • Weekly Reading Responses allow students to show a variety of comprehension skills. 
  • Student choice writing boards allow students to write about what interest them. 
  • Individualized spelling lists, compiled with subject specific words, and frequently misspelled words taken directly from the students own writing.
  • Grammar activities in context and connected to the weekly learning tasks and mentor texts. 

The Madly Learning Promise

Beyond the purchase of this comprehensive literacy program you will also receive coaching and support to help you get started as you implement this program in your classroom.  

When you join the private facebook group you will join the many other teachers that have already implemented this program.  

You will also be supported by Patti as she answers your questions, walks you through lessons and supports you completely as you transform your literacy program. 

Here’s what you’re getting when you buy today:

Ignited Literacy - $250 Value

  • Private Facebook Group - $50 Value
  • Daily Small Group Coaching for The First 15 Days - $100 Value
  • Additional Language Resources From Madly Learning when you purchase the bundle - $45 Value

Total Value: $445

But when you purchase today, you’ll get access to everything!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What teachers like you asked before buying IGNITED LITERACY

Let's be honest this program is not going to be perfect for everyone.  

If you are simply looking for worksheets you can hand out to your students and to have them sit there and work quietly on them, then this is not the program for you.  

But, if you want an engaging, dynamic program that gets your students excited about language arts, engages them with their learning, and enthusiastically dives deeper into important topics then you are in the right place.  

Ignited Literacy was designed for teachers in grades 4-6 who want more out of their language arts programming.  They want the ability to move away from disconnected lessons with activities that feel choppy and piecemeal, and to move towards connecting and integrating ideas across all aspects of the language curriculum.  

It is for teachers that believe students should be involved in constructing their own learning and have a voice and some choice in the activities they choose.  It is meant for teachers that know that good teaching means that differentiating is key and we need to meet students where they are by teaching the child not the standards.  

I myself was tired of having to pull and piece things together form a variety of sources to make my language lessons fit together.  

So out of this frustration this program was developed.  Each weeks' lessons include EVERYTHING you need except the hard copy of the picture book. 

However, many of the picture books that I have chosen are easily found in school libraries, teacher's own collections (especially if you hoard picture books like I do), or within public library collections.  

However, if you cannot find the hard copy of the book alternative options and links are provided for you.  Book links can be found on YouTube, TumbleBooks, or EPIC books.  In some cases, I have provided additional read aloud texts that can be used as an alternative.  

This program includes

  • Read aloud guide
  • Writing lessons
  • Reading lessons
  • Shared reading text and activity
  • Grammar and spelling lessons
  • Mentor text paragraph to teach grammar concepts within context
  • Quote of the week
  • Guided reading lesson
  • Guided reading assessment
  • Guided reading text
  • Student Independent work centres including hand out versions that support notebook or duotang use 
  • Reading response choice board
  • Writing choice board
  • Grammar activity 
  • Spelling practice choice board
  • Detailed assessment tracking pages

I don't know about you, but I found units to be very frustrating in the classroom.  Early in my career, I was told to plan a 6-week unit and expect mastery after that time.  However, it never worked and it left both me and my students overwhelmed and frustrated.  Not to mention they retained very little of the information.  

It was out of this frustration that I looked at new strategies that were happening in math and applied it to language arts.  

Spiralling the curriculum in language arts just makes sense.  Gone are the static one and done units. Now, students can cycle through reading and writing skills over a long period of time and gain more mastery as they try different forms and skills, are given feedback, and have the ability to revise and improve their skills over time.  

Now I get more done in my classroom, and so do the hundreds of other teachers who have used this program. My students make bigger gains over the course of the year, too.  They set goals for themselves and blow them out of the water.  They develop a love of learning and language.  They are inspired to do more and do better each and every time.  

Ignited Literacy shifts my focus away from simply covering expectations to actively teaching my students.  It helps me to help them grow as readers and writers.  Units are good for teachers as we systematically check off our expectations as we teach students and meet their needs as learners.  

The difference is in the connection of ideas and the organization of materials.  

If you're like me you have read the books, went to the PD and bought the stuff. But then you got back to your classroom and wondered..."what does actually this look like in the classroom?"  You are still overwhelmed and the time you have spent planning hasn't become any shorter.  

If you want simple and organized, it's important to avoid programs that have you pulling information from a million different places.  Go here for your grammar lesson, go here for your guided reading lesson etc.  

All of a sudden you are trying to find all the materials you need but they are all over the place.  

The benefit of Ignited Literacy is everything is together.  No more hunting through various files, or books for the ideas you need.  Everything you need for the week for every strand is all in one place and planned together.  It also means that  because this is digital, you don't need to worry that you don't have enough students books for each child.  The learning is cohesive and focused.  You will feel organized and your planning will be simplified.  

Differentiation is an important factor and is required to meet the needs for various students in your classroom. 

Using key concepts from inquiry based learning, using choice and voice is a key quality in a language arts program.  

Ignited Literacy was developed with this concept as a key feature throughout the learning.  

Regardless of your students abilities they will be able to access materials and work at their own pace as they demonstrate the learning.  

This isn't simply a case of giving everyone a different activity.   It is about letting student choice determine what is the best fit for each student which naturally differentiates the learning process for students.  

Ensuring that your needest student doesn't feel left out or centered out for doing different work is important.  When everyone is doing something different no one notices that they are also not all the same.  

Differentiated instruction and advocating for a wide variety of students has been a passion of mine for many years.  I am excited that I am able to share this with you as you embark on transforming your language arts program. 

Shifting your focus and changing the way you teach can sometimes be uncomfortable.  

Sometimes you have questions or just want to reach out and clarify things.  

The unique thing about Ignited Literacy over other school board purchased programs is that Ignited Literacy comes with lots of support and coaching.  

When you buy the bundle of resources for the whole year, you are invited to join the private Facebook group.  

Here, you will instantly connect with other members who have purchased this resource as well as Patti (that's me) its' author.  

For the first 15 days, you will receive daily coaching posts within the group, including tips and strategies and live Q&As to answer any questions you might have.  

Beyond those 15 days, you will continue to stay in the group to  get support and ask questions as you are progressing through the program.  

This group is full of amazing and inspiring educators, so you are in good company.  

Think of this like free, amazing, ongoing PD without the stress and judgement.  

Yes, you totally can.  

Ignited Literacy can be purchased on a month by month basis on TpT.  

However, when you buy monthly, you do miss out on the group coaching during the first 15 days and on the private Facebook group. This is an exclusive offer for those that have purchased the bundle only.  

This program is an investment, I understand that.  I am hear to answer and support you with any questions you might have.  

You are not in this alone, but remember to think of this purchase as an investment in you.  You will save more time, time it would take to plan and prep something like this for yourself. 

The question many people have asked themselves when making this purchase is this:

"How much is my free time worth?"

  • free time with your family
  • free time to do more of what you love
  • free time to re-connect with friends beyond the two months a year we have off
  • more time to spend quality time with your own kids when you are at home
  • more guilt free hours you can spend binge watching ______ (insert favourite binge worthy show here)

You know yourself better than anyone else.  This could be the year that you cut down on that stress and overwhelm and say YES to a solution that will give you your time back and still allow you to deliver a great comprehensive literacy program from start to finish. 

This resource covers the curriculum expectations for: 

  • Ontario Language Arts Grades 4-6

These expectations are generally aligned to other provincial standards as well including:

  • Alberta's English Language Arts
  • British Columbia
  • New Brunswick
  • Common Core Standards (US)

Here’s what you’re getting when you buy today:

Ignited Literacy - $250 Value

  • Private Facebook Group - $50 Value
  • Daily Small Group Coaching for The First 15 Days - $100 Value
  • Additional Language Resources From Madly Learning when you purchase the bundle - $45 Value

Total Value: $445

But when you purchase today, you’ll get access to everything!

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Ignited Literacy is PERFECT for you if…

  1. You are new to this grade level and want to get started on the right track.
  2. You have been teaching in grades 4-6 for awhile but you are not happy with your current language program and want a better path forward. 
  3. You are a teacher that works hard and strives to provide your students with the best innovative pedagogy in your classroom. 
  4. You believe that using inquiry based strategies, differentiated instruction and harnessing student voice and choice are keys to build engagement and real learning. 
  5. You know what you want to do, but are overwhelmed with the amount of time it will take you to plan, create, and implement these strategies. 
  6. You want to be ready now with an easy to follow action plan for the whole year.
  7. You are ready and wanting to transform your language program for the better. 

If you said “yes” to at least 5 of the above, I can’t wait to meet you inside our private Facebook group.  This is going to be your best year yet!

Here’s what you’re getting when you buy today:

Ignited Literacy - $250 Value

  • Private Facebook Group - $50 Value
  • Daily Small Group Coaching for The First 15 Days - $100 Value
  • Additional Language Resources From Madly Learning when you purchase the bundle - $45 Value

Total Value: $445

But when you purchase today, you’ll get access to everything!

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